Mary Ann (5) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Mary Ann (5) Woodhurst was born to parents John (3) Woodhurst and his wife Mary Ferris. She was christened at St. Dunstan, Canterbury on April 9th 1797 [Parish Register Baptisms 1558-1794, CCA: Film U3/141/1/4]. The record spells her father's surname as Woodward.

Her parents and other relatives were supported for many years by Poor Relief payments made by Eastling Parish, as detailed in the Eastling Receipts and Disbursements Book for 1807-1843 [CCA: Film U3/208/1/1]. The relevant entries are transcribed on this page.

She married as "Mary Woodhurst" to James Lawrance by Banns at Barham (about 6 miles south-east of Canterbury) on October 17th 1815 [Barham Parish Register]. The register notes that she was married with the consent of her parents and was therefore under 21, consistent with a birthyear around 1797. It also notes that James was living in Adisham, about 3 miles north-east of Barham.

The 1841 Census finds Mary Ann (5) at (rounded) age "40" living with James and five children at "Bloodden" in Adisham. James, having (rounded) age "50", was occupied as an agricultural labourer.

It is suspected that Mary Ann (5) and James both died before 1851. Her death reference may be [Death Index: Bridge 5 23, 1847 (Sept)], whilst his may be [Death Index: Bridge 5 16, 1849 (Dec)] - both indexed under "Lawrence".

Her children by James Lawrance

the Adisham christenings below are in [IGI: Batch I014070]
  1. William Lawrance - christened at Goodnestone-by-Sandwich on May 26th 1816 [IGI: Batch P012941]
  2. Richard Lawrance - born about 1823-24 at Adisham
  3. Charles Lawrance - born about 1826-27 probably at Adisham
  4. Henry Lawrance - born about 1828-29 probably at Adisham
  5. Emma Lawrance - christened at Adisham on August 28th 1831
  6. Mary Ann Lawrance - christened at Adisham on May 15th 1836
  7. Harriet Lawrance - christened at Adisham on April 7th 1839 - [Birth Index: Bridge 5 27, 1839 (March)]
  8. Ann(e) Lawrance - christened at Adisham on April 3rd 1842 - [Birth Index: Bridge 5 42, 1842 (March)]
  9. and probably others ...

William was probably Mary Ann (5)'s first child, and his christening suggests that the family was at first living in Goodnestone, about 2 miles east of Adisham. His future wife was Frances Terry, christened - perhaps illegitimately - at Faversham on September 10th 1820 to mother Mary Terry [IGI: Batch I013820]. The 1841 Census finds Frances at (rounded) age "20" living with her mother (aged "60") at 1, Drayson Square, West Street in Faversham. The household included a dredger William "Terrey" aged "85" who was probably Mary's father. In 1847 William Lawrance witnessed the marriage at Faversham of his cousin William (4) Woodhurst, the son of Mary Ann (5)'s brother William (3). He married Frances Terry at Faversham on January 28th 1849, the register confirming his father's name to be James [IGI: Batch I013484]. The 1851 Census finds them living with two children Bethina [Birth Index: Faversham 5 171, 1849 (Sept)] and Giles [Birth Index: Faversham 5 202, 1851 (March)] in Kingsfield, Faversham where William was occupied as a labourer and his birthplace given as Adisham. The 1861 Census finds them still there, with William now occupied as a brickfield labourer and his birthplace given as Goodnestone.

The 1851 Census finds Richard aged "21" (probably the enumerator's misreading of 27) lodging at Faversham in the household of William (3) and described as a brick-maker. In 1853 he married Esther (or Hester) Beeching [Marriage Index: W. Ashford 2a 623, 1853 (March)]. She was born around 1832-33 in Great Chart, just 2 miles west of Ashford, and was christened there on August 16th 1833 to parents Richard Beeching and his wife Diana (nee Clark). Richard and Esther appear to have lived in that area until around 1857 and then moved to Adisham. The 1861 Census finds Richard aged "37" living there with Esther and several children and occupied as an agricultural labourer. The 1871 Census finds the family living in Adisham where Richard was again occupied as an agricultural labourer. The 1881 Census finds the family living at "Bloodden" in Adisham Street where Richard was occupied as a farm labourer.

The 1851 Census appears to find Mary Ann aged "15" living at Bramling Mill in Bramling Street, Ickham-and-Well parish, about 3 miles north of Adisham, occupied as a servant in the household of a baker and grocer James Bishop.

The 1851 Census appears to find Harriet aged "12" living at Nonington, about 2 miles south-east of Adisham, in the household of an agricultural labourer William Coombs with wife Sarah and described as his niece. Sarah, aged "58" and born at Sarre (about 9 miles north-east of Adisham), was therefore probably a sister of James.