Mary Ann (6) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Mary Ann (6) Woodhurst was born to parents John (6) Woodhurst and his wife Ann Susan Russell around 1831-32, almost certainly at Milton-next-Sittingbourne, Kent. No christening record has yet been found for her.

In 1837 she emigrated with her parents on the ship Wellington to America, arriving at New York on May 15th 1837.

The US 1840 Census finds her living with her parents in Connecticut in Windsor township, Hartford County.

The US 1850 Census finds her living with her parents in Oxford Township, Butler County in Ohio. The record gives her age as 18 and her birthplace as England.

Further details about her are given in the work "A Genealogical Record of Wayne County Indiana: Vol. 1 - "Memoires of Wayne County" edited by Hon. Henry Clay Fox and published in 1912 by the Western Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin. In a major task of transcription, Gedcom files for 14000 persons mentioned in that volume were created and published on the web in the late 1990s by David Youse.

According to these Gedcom files, Mary Ann (6) married in 1868 to Peter Johnson. He was born in 1834 in Poughkeepsie County, New York State and worked as a tinner. He had previously been married to her sister Martha (1), who had died in 1866. Mary Ann (6) and Peter produced the child listed below. Mary Ann (6) died in 1892 and Peter died on June 16th 1901.

Her child by Peter Johnson

  1. Estella Johnson

Estella married Thomas Porter according to the above-cited source.