Martha Ann Fortescue

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Brief biography

Martha Ann Fortescue - known familiarly as Rosa - was born at Abbeville, SC on June 9th 1873 and died there on January 8th 1951 [from Bratcher]. She married Andrew Kennedy Woodhurst, probably at Abbeville, on a date unknown.

The US 1900 Census finds her living in Abbeville township with her husband and children. Her birthdate is given as June 1873.

The US 1910 Census finds them still in Abbeville. She had now been married for "18" years and had produced 7 children of whom 7 were still living (all of them in the household).

The US 1930 Census finds them living in Mt. Carmel township in McCormick County, SC, still occupied in farming. Martha was also working as a home-maker for some private family. With them was their unmarried daughter Margaret Eleanor.

She died on January 8th 1951 and was buried on January 10th at the Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Abbeville [descendant's report].

Her children by Andrew Kennedy Woodhurst

  1. Thomas Edgar Woodhurst
  2. Addie Florence Woodhurst
  3. Andrew Frank Woodhurst
  4. Annie Leone Woodhurst
  5. Eugene Kennedy Woodhurst
  6. George Clarence Woodhurst
  7. Margaret Eleanor Woodhurst
  8. Claude Hamilton (1) Woodhurst