Margaret (1) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Margaret (1) Woodhurst was born in Connecticut around 1840 to parents John (6) Woodhurst and his wife Ann Susan Russell.

The US 1840 Census finds her living with her parents in Connecticut in Windsor township, Hartford County.

The US 1850 Census finds her living with her parents in Oxford township, Butler County in Ohio. The record gives her age as 10 and her birthplace as Connecticut.

The US 1860 Census finds her living with her parents in Wayne township, Butler County aged "19".

She married Samuel Wesco in Butler County on October 17th 1861 [IGI: Batch M514511].

The US 1880 Census finds her at age "41" with her husband and the children listed below living in Osolo township in Elkhart County, Indiana. Samuel was occupied as a labourer. The children had been born variously in Ohio, Massachusetts and Indiana.

Nothing more is currently known of her.

Her children by Samuel Wesco

  1. John F. Wesco
  2. Willie C. Wesco
  3. Freddie Wesco
  4. Sammy Wesco
  5. Jesse Wesco
  6. George Wesco
  7. Pearl Wesco
  8. and at least one further son ...

The source [Indiana Birth Records: Book CH1, Page 17] records that another son (not named) was born to Margaret (1) and Samuel on November 25th 1882 in Elkhart County.