Woodhurst Deaths in Michigan: 1971-1996

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Source: The Michigan Death Index 1971-96 database; data for the surname "Woodhurst" (only as spelled) extracted on July 31st 2000 via www.ancestry.com .

The earliest birthdate in the table was in 1889 and the most recent deathdate was in 1989.

Anna, M.Jackson, Jackson, MINovember 12th 1889March 19th 19783rd wife of Daniel Esaias Woodhurst
Ralph, A.Summit, Jackson, MIAugust 27th 1893January 14th 1977Ralph A. Woodhurst
Helen, A.Spring Arbour, Jackson, MINovember 2nd 1909January 4th 1974perhaps 2nd wife of Archie Charles Woodhurst
Albert, H. Wyoming, Kent, MISeptember 29th 1942January 11th 1978Albert Henry (2) Woodhurst
Donna, B.Concord, Jackson, MIAugust 13th 1926June 18th 19892nd wife of Earl George (2) Woodhurst
Archie, C.Jackson, Jackson, MIAugust 9th 1904July 12th 1972Archie Charles Woodhurst
Mary AgnesJackson, Jackson, MIFebruary 19th 1897 *October 27th 1980widow (1st wife) of Ralph A. Woodhurst
Lyla, B.Summit, Jackson, MIApril 30th 1906February 2nd 1983widow (2nd wife) of Ralph A. Woodhurst

* The American Social Security Death Index gives the year as 1898. However, her gravestone in St. John's Cemetery, Jackson, confirms the year as 1897, as does her death certificate.