Richard (1) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Richard (1) Woodhurst was born in 1878 to parents Richard William (1) Woodhurst (RWW) and his second wife Matilda. The birth certificate [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 88, 1878 (March)] states that he was born at his parents' address 5, Libra Road in Plaistow, Essex on January 13th 1878. His father is described as a dyer. The informant was Matilda who signed with just a 'X' mark.

The 1881 Census finds him at age 3 living with his parents and siblings at 41, Howbury Road in Camberwell, Surrey.

The 1891 Census finds him at age 13 living at 4, Stonebridge Villas, Townsend Road in South Tottenham, London. This was the home in which Matilda had settled with her third husband James Hines. The census record describes Richard (1) as a scholar.

The 1901 Census finds him at age 23 living at 35, Corinne Road, Islington in the household of his married sister Maude Edith. He was occupied as a druggist's clerk.

Later in 1901 he married Lilian Emma Garner. Their marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Islington 1b 639, 1901 (Dec)] states that they married at All Saints Tufnell Park in the Parish of Islington on October 12th 1901. He is described as a bachelor aged 23 and occupied as a clerk, and she as a spinster aged 21. His father RWW is described simply as deceased, and hers as a kitchen porter Walter Garner. Both gave their place of residence as 118, Huddleston Road. The witnesses were her father and Maude Edith.

Walter Garner was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire in 1853 [Birth Index: H. Hempstead 3a 271, 1853 (Sept)] to parents Thomas and Harriet. He first married Henrietta Gristwood - also born in Hemel Hempstead, in 1856 [Birth Index: Hemel Hempstead 3a 291, 1856 (June)] - in 1879 [Marriage Index: Pancras 1b 173, 1879 (June)]. Their daughter Lilian Emma was born in St. Giles, Pancras in 1880 [Birth Index: St. Giles 1b 66?(unclear), 1880 (June)]. The 1881 Census finds the family living at 8, Huntley Street in Bloomsbury, where Walter was occupied as a porter (pickle and ham merchants). Henrietta died aged "30" in 1885 [Death Index: Pancras 1b 132, 1885 (Dec)]. The 1891 Census finds Walter widowed and living with Lilian Emma at 13, Haldane Road in Fulham and occupied as a general labourer. In 1899 he remarried to Edith Louise Wynne [Marriage Index: Islington 1b 692, 1899 (Dec)]. She was born in 1877 [Birth Index: Pancras 1b 143, 1877 (March)]. The 1901 Census finds him with Edith Louise, Lilian Emma and a 5-month-old daughter Edith H. Garner living at 147, Huddleston Road in Islington, where he was occupied as a kitchen porter and Lilian Emma as a dressmaker. He died aged "74" in 1928 [Death Index: Islington 1b 264, 1928 (March)].

In 1902, when his son Richard (2) was born, Richard (1) was living at 5, Palace Road, Wood Green in Edmonton and was occupied as a commercial clerk.

In 1906, when his daughter Constance Lilian was born, he was living at Maude Edith's house 15, Warrender Road in Islington and was still occupied as a commercial clerk.

In 1915 he assisted in the task of dealing with the belongings of Thomas Henry Bone (THB) - the husband of his other sister Annie (1) - following THB's death. This was related in the 1990s by THB's daughter Maud Ethel to her grandson (the site author), referring to Richard (1) as her "Uncle Dick".

In 1921, when his daughter Gwenllian Faith was born, he was living at 38, Clarence Road, Lower Clapton in the registration subdistrict of Walthamstow West and was occupied as a "druggist's commercial traveller". Clarence Road was situated very near to Clifden Road where his brother William (2) was living in this period. His step-nephew George Albert (2) also lived in Clarence Road in the 1920s.

In 1943 he was living at 58, Seymour Road, Chingford in Essex, and from that address wrote a letter to his nephew Richard William (4), then living in Vancouver, British Columbia. The letter contains interesting, but not altogether correct, statements about his family's history which have been abstracted and commented upon on this page.

A relative reports that Richard (1) was very religious and was a lay preacher.

He died around early 1963 [Death Index: Ilford 5a 547, 1963 (March)], and his widow Lilian Emma died around early 1969 [Death Index: Stamford 3b 160, 1969 (March)].

His children by Lilian Emma Garner

  1. Richard (2) Woodhurst
  2. Constance Lilian Woodhurst
  3. Dorothy Evelyn Woodhurst
  4. Gwenllian Faith Woodhurst