Richard (2) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Richard (2) Woodhurst was born in the Wood Green subdistrict of Edmonton, London in 1902 to parents Richard (1) Woodhurst and his wife Lilian Emma (nee) Garner. The birth certificate [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 421, 1902 (Dec)] states that he was born on October 27th 1902 at his parents' address 5, Palace Road, Wood Green. His father - occupied as commercial clerk - was the informant.

He died aged 26 in 1929. The death certificate [Death Index: Edmonton 3a 1095, 1929 (March)] states that he died on March 12th 1929 at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Tottenham. He had resided at 38, Clarence Road in Walthamstow - the home of his parents - and had been occupied as a bank clerk. The cause of death was determined by post mortem and certified as 'Acute pulmonary congestion during Ether anaesthesia for the operation of gastro enteroscopy for the relief of a duodenal ulcer. Misadventure. PM'. The informant was G. Cohen, the Coroner for the County of Middlesex, who registered the death on March 15th following an inquest held on that day.

He had never married and died without issue.