Robert Cook Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Robert Cook Woodhurst was born in 1862 in Indiana to parents Hazard (1) Woodhurst and his wife Margaret Jane Hayden. A relative reports that the birth was at Cartersburg in Hendricks County on September 11th 1862.

The US 1870 Census finds him living at age "7" with his parents in Liberty township, Hendricks Co.

The US 1880 Census finds him living at age "17" with his parents in Salt River township, Ralls Co., Missouri and occupied as a farm labourer.

He married Ann Eliza Jane (nee) Slaughter, in her father's home, on September 6th 1888 in Monroe Co., Missouri [IGI: Batch 8500803]. She was born at Monroe City on or about March 7th 1873 to parents John Brown Slaughter and Elizabeth Jane (nee Williamson), and was known familiarly as "Lyda Jane" [descendants' reports]. The marriage licence notes that her father had given his permission for her to marry, as she had not reached her 18th birthday.

The US 1900 Census finds Robert Cook cited (probably incorrectly) as being present in the household of his parents in Mason township, Marion Co. in Missouri. This record gives his birthdate as October 1863 and cites no occupation for him. He also appears in a separate record with his wife "Lyda J." and three children living in Salt River township. This record gives his age as "37", his birthdate as September 1862 and his occupation as farmer. He and his wife had been married 11 years but had produced only 3 children. Ann Eliza Jane's birthyear is here given incorrectly as "1872". Her father's birthplace is cited as Tennessee and her mother's as Kentucky.

The US 1910 Census finds him at age "47" in the household of his parents in Salt River township, together with his wife and their son Fred Raymond. He was occupied as a farm labourer.

The US 1920 Census finds him living at age "54" with his wife in De La Vina Street, off W. Ortega Street in Santa Barbara City, California. His occupation is given as teamster in a "cont." [unclear - contractor?] company. His wife, aged "42", was now calling herself "Mary". Her father's birthplace is given as Tennessee and her mother's as Missouri.

The US 1930 Census finds Robert Cook aged "60" back in Missouri, living by himself in Water Street, Salt River township and occupied once more as a farm labourer. He was described as widowed. However, his wife was very much alive and was living (or staying) as "Mary" with her married daughter Myrtle ("Eva") in Sacramento Avenue, Richmond City in Contra Costa Co., California. She described herself as married.

A Californian newspaper in 1937 published a brief mention that Ann Eliza was "intending to wed" "James" Henry (Franklin) Bagley, described as a carpenter aged "56" living in Palo Alto, but a native of Missouri. She was described as a housekeeper aged "64" living in San Francisco, also a native of Missouri. A record of their marrying has not, however, been found. He was a widower, having been married formerly to Effie Lee (nee) Johnson who had died in 1928.

The US 1940 Census finds Robert aged "77" again living alone in Salt River township and with no occupation, apparently described as divorced. Meanwhile, Ann Eliza aged "65" and Henry Franklin, a carpenter and cabinet maker, were living together as man and wife in Roble Avenue, Menlo Park in San Mateo Co., California.

Henry's Draft Registration Card, issued in about 1941-42, gives his address as 2680, Westmoreland Avenue in Redwood, San Mateo and his birhtplace as Boone Co., Missouri. He was unemployed. His wife was named as Mrs. Mary Bagley but the "Mary" appears to have been written over an initial entry of "Ann".

Robert Cook died at the Levering Hospital in Hannibal, Marion Co. on January 8th 1945 and was buried at Perry in Ralls Co. on January 10th. His death certificate gives his birthdate very inaccurately as June 24th 1876 and describes him as a divorced labourer whose usual residence was Perry in Ralls Co. His former wife was named as "Lyda Slaughter aged "65" (but actually about 72). The cause of death was given as cerebral haemorrhage due to senility.

Ann Eliza Jane died at 64, North Ault Street, Moberly in Randolph Co., Missouri on August 10th 1949. Her death certificate gives her birthdate as March 9th 1873 and describes her as a married housewife whose had been residing at 3760, Ross Road in Palo Alto, California. Her husband was named as Henry F. Bagley. The cause of death was given as coronary occlusion following from coronary sclerosis and chronic cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder). She was buried at Menlo Park in San Mateo Co., California [descendant's report].

Henry died in San Mateo on January 21st 1958. His entry in the California Death Index 1940-97 gives his date of birth as January 23rd 1881 and his birthplace as Missouri.

His children by Ann Eliza Jane Slaughter

  1. Myrtle S. Woodhurst
  2. John Virgil Woodhurst
  3. Fred Raymond Woodhurst