Roy Sumner (1) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Roy Sumner (1) Woodhurst was born in Sumner Township, Coos Co., Oregon on January 8th 1922 to parents John Virgil Woodhurst and his wife Nora Cecil (nee) Hatfield [IGI: Batches H002122 and 8429303].

The US 1930 Census finds him aged "8" living with his parents in Tenth township, Contra Costa Co., California.

Relatives report that he was baptized on June 17th 1933.

The US 1940 Census finds him aged "18" living with his parents in Eureka township, Humboldt Co., California and occupied as a labourer in a C. C. C. [Civilian Conservation Corps - a public work relief scheme] Camp.

His Draft Registration Card, issued in about 1942, gives his address as 2314, 80th Avenue in Oakland, Alameda Co., California and his employer as the United Engineering Company. He enlisted in the US Army at San Francisco on October 14th 1942 with Service No. 39029261.

He married Lola May (nee) Raymer at San Francisco on May 28th 1949 and by her produced the four children listed below. Lola May, born at Eureka in Humboldt Co. on April 28th 1930, was the sister of Robert Raymer who in 1938 had married Roy's sister June Louvina.

A City Directory for Eureka in 1970 finds him living there with Lola at 1526, Marsh Road and occupied as head custodian at the Lafayette School.

The American Social Security Death Index states that he died in January 1983, having Social Security Number 551-14-0011 (issued in California), and that he had resided at Anchorage in Alaska. He was buried at the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery, whose records give his date of death as January 31st 1983 and his age as "61". The location of his grave is cited as 17-5-4.

Lola May subsequently moved to Monmouth in Oregon.

His children by Lola May Raymer

  1. Janyce Jean Woodhurst - born 1947
  2. Linda Mary Woodhurst - born 1948
  3. Johnny N. Woodhurst - born 1952
  4. Roy Sumner (2) Woodhurst

Janyce Jean was born on June 26th 1947 at Dallas, Polk Co. in Oregon. She married John Berens on November 3rd 1976 at Chehalis, Lewis Co. in Washington State.

Linda Mary was born on July 14th 1948, also at Dallas, Polk Co. She married Arthur Lange on December 5th 1964 at Eureka, Humboldt Co. in California.

Johnny N. was born on February 28th 1952 at Scotia, Humboldt Co. He married Chun Suk Ko on May 5th 1980 in Korea.