Roy Sumner (2) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Roy Sumner (2) Woodhurst was born in Eureka, Humboldt Co., California on September 24th 1957 to parents Roy Sumner (1) Woodhurst and his wife Lola May (nee) Raymer.

Relatives report that he first married Rebecca Myres (born February 3rd 1955 at Salinas in California) by whom he had two daughters, both born at Anchorage in Alaska.

On November 18th 1987 he remarried to Evelyn Mae Campbell (born December 29th 1967 at Anchorage) by whom he had four further children, all born at Anchorage.

His children by Rebecca Myres

  1. Jennifer Louise Woodhurst - born April 30th 1978
  2. Tina Marie Woodhurst - born August 7th 1979

Tina Marie married David Edwards by whom she produced a daughter.

His children by Evelyn Mae Campbell

  1. Brett Sumner Woodhurst - born May 16th 1988
  2. Anthony Michael Woodhurst - born August 19th 1989
  3. Jacob Austin Woodhurst - born March 30th 1990
  4. Hannah Mae Woodhurst - born May 18th 1993