Susan Adelia Norrell

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Brief biography

Susan Adelia Norrell was born to parents Elizabeth (1) Woodhurst and Stephen Elmore Brooks Norrell. She was born in Greenwood, SC on January 7th 1861 [OAB: Page 203].

She joined the Abbeville Methodist Church in 1875, married in 1876 and was 'dismissed' upon departing to Augusta, Georgia. [OAB: Page 203].

An extant copy of her marriage certificate states that she married John Andrew Ivey of Edgefield County at 8 p.m. on Wednesday September 19th '1877', but the '1877' appears to have been entered at a later date. Her descendants confirm that the year was actually 1876. The ceremony was performed by the Reverend W.M. Wightman.

She produced the children listed below and died at Kissimmee, Florida on June 16th 1949 [descendant's report].

A descendant has kindly conveyed to the site author a copy of a photograph, taken in the 1890s, showing Susan Adelia with her husband and four of their children - John William, Bertha L., George R. and Mary Alice.

Her children by John Andrew Ivey

  1. Leonis Andrew Ivey - born June 6th 1879
  2. John William Ivey - born March 22nd 1883
  3. Bertha L. Ivey - born May 4th 1884
  4. George R. Ivey - born February 17th 1885
  5. Jessie Franklin Ivey - born March 13th 1888
  6. Mary Alice Ivey - born January 14th 1890