Susan Adelia Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Susan Adelia Woodhurst was born at Abbeville, SC to parents Andrew Jackson Woodhurst and his wife Ann(e) Amanda Kennedy on September 3rd 1861, married James Samuel Williams on December 23rd 1886 and died on April 30th 1931 [uncorroborated IGI ancestral file].

The US 1900 Census finds her living with her husband and six children in Abbeville township, and confirms she was born in September 1861. James Samuel was occupied as a farmer.

James Samuel died in 1917, and his daughter Margaret Ann in 1925 [descendant's report].

The US 1930 Census finds her at age 68 living in Abbeville township and occupied as a farmer. Also in her household were her unmarried sisters Jane Eleanor and Sarah Ann Elizabeth, together with her unmarried daughter Eleanor M., her unmarried son Samuel A., and her widowed daughter Eva M. and the latter's two children.

Her children by James Samuel Williams

  1. Margaret Ann Williams - born in SC in October 1887
  2. Charles L. Williams - born in SC in May 1890
  3. Eva M. Williams - born in SC in July 1892
  4. James G. Williams - born in SC in November 1894
  5. Eleanor M. Williams - born in SC in January 1896
  6. Richard H. Williams - born in SC in April 1899
  7. Samuel A. Williams - born in SC in about 1902
  8. and possibly others ...

Eva M. married a man with surname Langley and by him had at least two children, Samuel A. Langley and Susan M. Langley. By 1930 she was widowed and working as a teacher.