Susannah (1) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Susannah (1) Woodhurst was christened at Pett on December 3rd 1829 of parents James (1) Woodhurst and Sarah (nee) Broadfoot, her father being described as a labourer of Fairlight [Pett Parish Register]. Her gravestone in South Carolina has been claimed [researcher's report] to cite her date of birth as February 3rd 1829, perhaps a misreading of 3.12.1829 as 3.2.1829 - this remains to be checked. Census data confirms she was born at about this time [UK Census 1841, US Census 1860].

The US 1850 Census finds her apparently living in Edgefield County in South Carolina [SC 1850 FCI Record: SCS5a1900755].

She married James W. Irwin at the Abbeville Court House on September 11th 1856. Marriage and Death Notices in the 'Abbeville Banner' of September 18th 1856 contain this entry: "Married on the 11th inst. at Abbeville C.H. by the Rev. Mr. J.F. Gibert, Mr. James W. Irwin to Miss Susanna Woodhurst of Pett, Sussex County, England." [SCMAR, Vol. IX, Fall 1981, No. 4, p.206]. The minister's surname may actually have been Gilbert.

James W. Irwin was born about 1830 and became a wagon maker [US Census 1860]. In the latter source his name is mistakenly cited as John instead of James. Details of his death are not yet known. Susannah (1) is buried at the Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery, SC.

Her children by James W. Irwin

  1. John H. Irwin
  2. and possibly others ...