Sydney Arthur Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Sydney Arthur Woodhurst was born in 1894 to parents Walter Charles Woodhurst and his wife Julia Caroline (nee) Perry. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 337, 1894 (Dec)].

The 1901 Census finds him living with his parents at 34A, Ringwood in Walthamstow, misspelling their surname as "Willis".

In April 1917 he served as pall bearer at the funeral of his grandfather Frederick William Perry.

Later in 1917 he married Maud Edna Grant. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: W. Ham 4a 247, 1917 (Dec)] states that they married at Leyton Parish Church on December 25th 1917. He is described as a bachelor and soldier aged 23, residing at 33, Pearcroft Road in Leytonstone, and she as a spinster aged 23, residing at 15, King Edward Road in Leyton. His father was occupied as a bootlaster and hers, Leonard Grant, as an electrician. The witnesses were Walter Charles and Julia.

Maud Edna was born on September 18th 1894.

He died from lung cancer at Leyton on February 10th 1962 [Death Index: Essex S.W. 5a 224, 1962 (March)], and Maud Edna died from heart failure at Waltham Forest on June 24th 1974 [Death Index: Waltham/F 15 0983, 1974 (June)].

His children by Maud Edna Grant

  1. Edna Maud Woodhurst
  2. Sydney Walter Woodhurst