Tamar Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Tamar Woodhurst was born in 1840 at Buckland, a few miles north-west of Dover, to parents William (3) Woodhurst and his first wife Mary [Birth Index: Dover 5 107, 1840 (Dec)].

Her future husband was William Foster, born in 1839 [Birth Index: Faversham 5 154, 1839 (Sept)]. The 1841 Census finds him aged "2" living with his parents George and Susan at Newnham Bottom in Ospringe Liberty parish. George, an agricultural labourer, was born in Doddington around 1814-15.

Tamar married William in early 1861 [Marriage Index: N. Aylesford 2a 350, 1861 (March)]. The N. Aylesford registration district was renamed in 1884 as Strood, where her brother William (4) had been born in 1824.

The 1861 Census finds her with William living in West Street, Faversham. William was occupied as a painter. Soon afterwards they moved to Dover and produced at least four children there.

In the late 1860s they moved to Driffield in Yorkshire where they produced more children.

The 1871 Census finds them living in the Street, Great Driffield with six children and William's widowed father George. William is described as a foreman in an oil mill.

The 1881 Census finds them living in Anderson Street in Great Driffield, again with William's father George. Those in the household of working age were all employed in an oil mill, of which William was an overseer.

The 1891 Census finds them living at 57, Anderson Street in Great Driffield, again with William's father George. William was still working as an overseer in an oil mill. Also in the household was a grand-daughter of William named Tamar Foster [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 313, 1883 (Dec)], aged "7", whose parents have not yet been determined.

William died aged "56" in 1896 [Death Index: Driffield 9d 208, 1896 (June)].

The 1901 Census finds Tamar, now aged 60 and widowed, living with just her unmarried daughter Ella at 10, Scarbro [or Scarborough] Road in Great Driffield.

She died aged "87" in 1928 [Death Index: Driffield 9d 377, 1928 (June)].

Her children by William Foster

  1. William Foster - [Birth Index: Dover 2a 672, 1861 (Dec)]
  2. George Foster - [Birth Index: Dover 2a 715, 1862 (Dec)]
  3. Alfred Thomas Foster - [Birth Index: Dover 2a 819, 1865 (March)]
  4. John J. Foster - [Birth Index: Dover 2a 811, 1866 (Dec)]
  5. Susannah Foster - [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 277, 1868 (Sept)] or [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 265, 1868 (Dec)]
  6. Tamar Foster - [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 273, 1870 (Sept)]
  7. Ella Foster - [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 270, 1872 (March)]
  8. Harry Foster - [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 298, 1874 (March)]
  9. Charles Foster - [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 306, 1875 (Dec)]
  10. Wallace Foster - [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 313, 1877 (Sept)]

Harry Foster married Louise Wilson Hawkins in 1898 [Marriage Index: Driffield 9d 594, 1898 (June)]. The GRO marriage index misrenders her first name as "Louisa". She was born in 1871 [Birth Index: Driffield 9d 261, 1871 (Dec)]. The 1901 Census finds Harry living with Louise and his unmarried brother Wallace at 54, Belvoir Street in Sculcoates, Yorkshire. Harry was employed as a mechanical engineer draughtsman, and Wallace as a chemist.