Theodore (1) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Theodore (1) Woodhurst was born in Ohio around 1848 to parents John (6) Woodhurst and his wife Ann Susan Russell. His precise birth details are uncertain - unattributed internet records give the date as February 10th 1848 and the State as Ohio but disagree on the township, variously citing Walnut Hills or Hamilton in Butler County. The 1900 Census assigns to him a middle initial "R", which may have stood for Russell.

The US 1850 Census finds him living with his parents in Oxford township, Butler County. The record gives his age as "2" and his birthplace as Ohio.

The US 1860 Census finds him living with his parents in Wayne township, Butler County aged "12".

He married Mary Virginia (nee) Alexander on November 15th 1870 at Richmond, Wayne Co. in Indiana. Her middle name may have been Virginia.

The US 1880 Census finds him living in Richmond with his wife, a servant and children Alice, Charles and Carrie. The record gives his age as "32", his birthplace as Ohio and his parents' birthplace as England, but not his occupation. It further indicates that Mary V. was born around 1849-50 in Ohio of parents who were both born in Pennsylvania.

The US 1900 Census finds him - named "Theadore R. Woodhurst" - at age "52" living with Mary and his two youngest daughters in Richmond. They are stated to have been married for "35" years, almost certainly a mistaken substitute for 30. The record further states that Mary was born in November 1849 in Ohio, but now gives her parents' birthplace as Ohio. Ten years had elapsed between the births of their daughters Carrie May and Mary L., but apparently no other children were born during that interval as the census record states that by 1900 they had produced just four children. He was occupied as a real estate agent, assisted by his Carrie May.

In 1902 he was the appellant in the case Theodore Woodhurst vs Miles Cramer et al. over disputed possession of land in Spokane County, Washington State [Supreme Court of Washington, No. 4191, July 5th 1902].

A newspaper report in The Butler County Democrat on May 11th 1905, briefly mentioning Theodore, stated that his wife's father "if living, would be congratulated by President Roosevelt, as he raised the largest family of children, 21, in Butler county. Several of the sons were soldiers during the rebellion."

He made his Will on March 31st 1906, leaving his real estate and personal property to his wife, other than his office fixtures and business which he left to his daughter Carrie. In the event of Mary's death all his property was to be divided equally among the four children. He also left a North Western policy for the express purpose of erecting a family monument in Earlham Cemetery on his family plot.

By this time Theodore (1) was involved not only in real estate but also in loans, insurance and auctioneering, besides serving as a Notary Public, as shown by City Directory advertisements in this period.

Theodore (1) died aged "61" in Richmond on April 29th 1909. His death certificate gives his date of birth as February 10th 1848 and the cause of death as gastric ulcer followed by haemorrhages over a period of 10-15 days.

The US 1920 Census finds his widow Mary at age "70" living in Richmond City. It confirms the birthplace of her parents as Ohio. Living with her was her unmarried daughter Mary L.

Mary Virginia died aged "86 and 11 months" in Richmond on January 21st 1936. Her death certificate gives her date of birth as November 22nd 1849 and the cause of death as "cardio vascular renal".

His children by Mary Virginia Alexander

  1. Alice B. Woodhurst
  2. Charles Russell Woodhurst
  3. Caroline ("Carrie") May Woodhurst
  4. Mary L. Woodhurst