Woodhurst US Census References: 1790-1890

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This list of Woodhursts was extracted in July 2000 from the US Census databases made available online through www.ancestry.com, giving the index references to the relevant records. The search covered only the surname Woodhurst as spelled, ignoring all other variants. The databases yielding Woodhurst references covered these states and date ranges:

The databases found were of two kinds - Federal Census Index (FCI) and Slave Schedule (SS). Since numerous Woodhursts other than those shown here have been found in records falling within the above states and date-ranges, it follows that the online versions of these databases are grossly incomplete.

DatabaseForenamesCountyPageTownshipRecord IdentifierLink
1840 CT (FCI)JohnHartford138WindsorCTS4a2865865John (6)
1850 OH (FCI)JohnButler410OxfordOHS6a3245933John (6)
1850 OH (FCI)JohnButler410OxfordOHS9a10448249John (6), again
1850 SC (FCI)SusannahEdgefield027The DistrictSCS5a1900755Susannah (1)
1860 IA (FCI)WilliamJackson451S. ForkIA231184017William (5)
1860 IN (FCI)HazardHendricks660ClayIN377245686Hazard (1)
1860 OH (FCI)DanielButler570WayneOH44796886Daniel Farris
1860 OH (FCI)JohnButler570WayneOH44796887John (6)
1860 MO (FCI)W. [William]Buchanan4993rd W. St. Joseph CityMO229122043William (12)
1860 SC (SS)AndrewAbbeville107---SC20229952Andrew Jackson
1870 IA (FCI)WilliamJackson118S. ForkIA018406402William (5)
1870 NC (FCI)EdmundCraven4136 W. New BernNC523328193 
1870 VA (FCI)Jonathan *Princess Anne352SeaboardVA087518068 
1880 MT (FCI)StephenChouteau049Sun & Teton RiversMT16519474Stephen
1880 MT (FCI)Mary J.Chouteau032Fort BentonMT16521638wife of Stephen
1880 MT (FCI)Clara M.Chouteau032Fort BentonMT16521639dau of Stephen
1880 MT (FCI)JohnMeagher421Judith-Arrow Cks MinesMT16529473John James

* database transcription error - the original census record clearly states the surname as Woodhouse.