Virgil Cecil Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Virgil Cecil Woodhurst was born at Springfield in Lane Co., Oregon on December 11th 1914 to parents John Virgil Woodhurst and his wife Nora Cecil Hatfield. His (delayed) birth certificate, issued in 1961, was made by the affidavit of his mother.

The US 1920 Census finds him aged "5" living with his parents at 1539, Union Avenue in North Bend, Coos Co., Oregon.

The US 1930 Census finds him aged "15" living with his parents in 17th Street, Tenth township in Contra Costa Co., California.

He married Josephine Olive (nee) Waschau at Rohnerville in Humboldt Co., California on October 10th 1935. She was born on April 14th 1915 at Medford in Jackson Co., Oregon to parents Martin Luther Waschau and his wife Olive Josephine (nee) Juratsch.

The US 1940 Census finds him aged "25" living with Josephine and their daughter Patricia in Rohner Gulch, Fortuna township in Humboldt Co., California where he was occupied as a monorail operator at a lumber mill.

He worked for Tracy Buick for many years as an automobile mechanic.

Josephine died on June 7th 1978 at San Leandro in Alameda Co., California and was buried at the Chapel of the Chimes at Hayward in that county on June 10th. The American Social Security Death Index gives her SSN as 557-18-9005.

Virgil remarried in Alameda Co. on June 16th 1979 to Nellie C. Laughlin or Taylor - Californian marriage records cite both surnames against the marriage but without saying which of them was her maiden name. She was born in about 1927.

The SSDI states that Virgil Cecil died on December 6th 1996, having SSN 556-09-5563, and that he had resided at Waterford in Stanislaus Co., California. The local Daily Times published his obituary.

His children by Josephine Olive Waschau

  1. Patricia Ann Woodhurst - born October 24th 1936 at Rio Dell in Humboldt County, California

Patricia Ann married Harry Sheridan.

His children by Nellie C. Laughlin / Taylor

  1. there were none ...