William (2) Fryer

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Brief biography

William (2) Fryer was very probably born of parents William (1) Fryer and his wife Hannah. He was christened at Wickhambreux, Kent on October 9th 1740 [IGI: Film 538034]. All that is known of him comes from the IGI.

He married a woman named Mary whose maiden name is not yet known. Nor has their marriage yet been identified. They produced at least five children, all at Chislet [IGI: Films 537475, 537564].

Nothing more is known of him.

His children by Mary ...

with their dates of christening (all at Chislet) ...

  1. William (3) Fryer - January 29th 1764
  2. Ann (2) Fryer - December 22nd 1765
  3. Matthew (2) Fryer - June 5th 1768
  4. Sarah (2) Fryer - January 8th 1775
  5. Phebe Fryer - January 11th 1778
  6. and possibly others ...