Walter Alfred Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Walter Alfred Woodhurst was born in 1878 to parents George Daniel Woodhurst and his first wife Lauretta Evangeline. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 135, 1878 (Dec)].

The 1881 Census finds him living with his parents at 136, Lea Bridge Gardens in Lea Bridge Road, Leyton in Essex.

The 1891 Census finds him living with his father and step-mother at 24, Northcote Road, Walthamstow in Essex.

The 1901 Census finds him boarding at 10, Albert Road in Walthamstow and occupied as a railway clerk. His brother George Albert (1) was also there with him.

He married Florence Maud Gooderham in 1905 [Marriage Index: W. Ham 4a 330, 1905 (June)]. She had been born in 1880 [Birth Index: Shoreditch 1c 108, 1880 (June)].

In 1939 Walter Alfred retired after more than four decades working for the London and North-Eastern Railway. A ceremony for him was described in The Essex Chronicle, issue of August 25th 1939, as follows:

A pleasing ceremony took place at the London City Manager's Office of the London and North-Eastern Railway, when Mr. Percy Syder, in the presence of a gathering of agents, presented Mr. Woodhurst with a silver watch, cut-glass flower bowl, and automatic lighter on the occasion of his retirement from the service of the L.N.E.R. as Agent at Fleet Street. Mr. Woodhurst has 42 years' service to his credit, the last three of which have been as Agent at Fleet Street. Mr. Syder said Mr. Woodhurst had always been a very loyal and conscientious worker, and a straightforward man in all his dealings. Numerous expressions of appreciation had been received from traders of the manner in which Mr. Woodhurst had studied their interests. He was always a happy man, and spread that happiness to others. Several others added their testimony. Mr. Woodhurst suitably replied, thanking all, and Mr. Syder for his help and assistance while he worked under his jurisdiction.

Florence Maud died aged 67 at St. Margaret's Hospital in Epping on June 30th 1947 [Death Index: Epping 5a 42, 1947 (Sept)]. She had been living at 14, Frances Road in South Chingford. Probate was granted on August 29th to Walter Alfred, then a retired railway agent, her effects being valued at £370.

In 1954 Walter Alfred remarried to Ethel Marie (nee) Cramp [Marriage Index: Epping 5a 310, 1954 (March)]. According to a descendant's report, she had been his housekeeper. She was born on March 23rd 1881 [Birth Index: St. Olave Southwark 1d 197, 1881 (June)].

Walter Alfred died not long afterwards, in 1957 at The General Hospital in Southend-on-Sea, aged 78 [Death Index: Southend 4a 694, 1957 (June)]. He had been living at 43, Trinity Road in Rayleigh, Essex. Probate was granted on June 28th to his son Leonard Arthur George (described as a bank official), his effects being valued at £2625.

Ethel Marie died in 1969 [Death Index: Thurrock 4a 2456, 1969 (June)].

His children by Florence Maud Gooderham

  1. Leonard Arthur George Woodhurst
  2. Frank Ernest Woodhurst

His children by Ethel Marie Cramp

  1. there were none