Walter Willie Woodhurst

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Brief biography

Walter Willie Woodhurst was born to parents Hazard (1) Woodhurst and his wife Margaret Jane Hayden. He was born 'near' to Perry Township in Ralls County, Missouri on November 7th 1883 [Missouri State Archives: Ralls County Record of Births, Ref. C 5618]. The latter record does not mention the middle name 'Willie' which appears in other sources. It does state that he was the 10th child born to his parents, but on current evidence he appears to have been the 9th.

The US 1900 Census finds him at age 16 living with his parents in Mason township, Marion County in Missouri. The record gives his birthdate as October 1883, in slight disagreement with the record mentioned above. He was occupied as a "day labourer".

The US 1910 Census finds him at age 26, unmarried and living with his parents in Salt River township, Ralls County. He was occupied as a farm labourer.

Relatives report the following: Walter Willie married Velma Mae Hopke on August 10th 1916; she was born on August 27th 1892 at New Hartford in Pike County, Missouri and died on August 11th 1944 in Ralls County; Walter Willie died in Perry on July 17th 1960.

His children by Velma Mae Hopke

  1. Hazzard Willie Woodhurst
  2. Jeff Hopke Woodhurst
  3. Margaret Birdella Woodhurst
  4. Darlene Mary Woodhurst
  5. Guy Walter Woodhurst
  6. Estella Florence Woodhurst
  7. Dorothy Ann Woodhurst
  8. Roy Lee Woodhurst
  9. and perhaps ... Robert Edward Woodhurst

Relatives report that Robert Edward died aged 6 weeks. His year of birth is not yet known.