William Frederick (2) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

William Frederick (2) Woodhurst was born in Islington in 1871 to parents William (7) Woodhurst and his wife Mary Ann Newcomb. His birth certificate [Birth Index: Islington 1b 366, 1871 (March)] states that he was born at his parents' address 13, Prince Edward Street in East Islington on January 28th 1871. His mother was the informant and his father's occupation was brickfield labourer.

The 1871 Census finds him at age "2 months" living with his parents at 6, Pearcefield Street, Kentish Town in Pancras.

In 1881 he was living with his parents at 3, Osman Road in Edmonton, Middlesex [UK 1881 Census].

He married Emily Ellen Head at West Hackney Parish Church on October 28th 1888. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Hackney 1b 776, 1888 (Dec)] describes him as a bachelor aged "20" occupied as a labourer, and describes her as a spinster aged "20" of no cited occupation. Their cited ages were significantly exaggerated - Emily Ellen was born in 1870 [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 201, 1870 (Sept)]. Both were residing at 11, John's Road. His father is named as a labourer William Woodhurst, and hers as a labourer John Head. The witnesses were John Head and Mary Ann Head, clearly relatives of Emily Ellen.

John's Road, which no longer exists as such, was close to (or branched off from) Stoke Newington High Street. Earlier in the 1880s, before it was officially renamed, it had been called John's Street. No Woodhurst or Head persons were at No. 11 at the times of the 1881 and 1891 censuses.

They were living at 8, Mitchley Road in Tottenham in 1890 when their son Frederick George Stanley was born. William Frederick (2) was then occupied as a general labourer.

They were still at that address at the time of the 1891 Census, when William Frederick (2) was working as a labourer at an India Rubber factory. The census record gives his birthplace as Kingsland, Middlesex. Kingsland was a small district lying south of Hornsey near Islington's eastern boundary with Hackney - the boundary between the two latter boroughs still runs today alongside the busy south-to-north thoroughfare called the Kingsland Road. His age was cited as "20", as was that of his wife. They were occupying two rooms. The property also contained another household headed by a goldsmith named Frederick Shelley.

They were living at 76, Chesnut Road in Tottenham in 1893 when their son John William (2) was born. William Frederick (2) was again occupied as a general labourer.

The 1901 Census finds the family living at 75, Plume Street in Aston, Warwickshire. William Frederick (2) was occupied as a spreader in a rubber works.

The 1911 Census finds the family living at 5, Argyle Street, Nechells in Aston. William Frederick (2) was still occupied as a rubber trade spreader, as also was his son John William (2); the census forms misrenders the family's surname as Woodhouse.

William Frederick (2) died aged "67" in 1938 [Death Index: Birmingham 6d 296, 1938 (June)], and Emily Ellen died aged "82" in 1953 [Death Index: Birmingham 9c 99, 1953 (March)].

His children by Emily Ellen Head

  1. probably ... William John A. Woodhurst
  2. Frederick George Stanley Woodhurst
  3. John William (2) Woodhurst
  4. Christopher William Woodhurst
  5. Winifred Florence Woodhurst
  6. Emily Beatrice Woodhurst
  7. Florence Ena Woodhurst
  8. Gladys Adelaide Woodhurst

William John A. was born in 1889 [Birth Index: Edmonton 3a 304, 1889 (June)] and died in infancy [Death Index: Edmonton 3a 165, 1889 (June)].

Winifred Florence was born in 1900 [Birth Index: Aston 6d 436, 1900 (Sept)]. The 1901 Census finds her at age "8 months" living with her parents in Aston. She married George J. Smith in 1923 [Marriage Index: Aston 6d 969, 1923 (Sept)].

Emily Beatrice was born in 1903 [Birth Index: Aston 6d 322, 1903 (Dec)] and married Richard E. Janson in 1925 [Marriage Index: Birmingham N. 6d 1233, 1925 (Sept)].

Florence Ena was born in 1906 [Birth Index: Aston 6d 304, 1906 (Sept)] and married Edwin Bird in 1931 [Marriage Index: Birmingham N. 6d 1102, 1931 (June)].

Gladys Adelaide was born on October 13th 1909 [Birth Index: Aston 6d 325, 1909 (Dec)]; the GRO Index misrenders her surname as Woodhouse. She married Albert Hunt in 1933 [Marriage Index: Birmingham 6d 35, 1933 (Dec)]. The marriage took place on October 21st at the SS Peter & Paul Church in Aston parish [SS Peter & Paul Marriage Register]. The register misrenders her surname as Woodhouse although the GRO Index correctly gives it as Woodhurst. She is described as a spinster aged 24 residing at 51, Portland Street and her father as a labourer; Albert is described as a bachelor and toolmaker aged 24 of the same address, his father (also called Albert) being a labourer; the witnesses were Ernest Bell and Florence Hunt, whose connections are unknown. Electoral Registers show that Gladys and Albert were living in 1935 at 531, Bromford Lane in Erdington, Birmingham and that during (at least) 1945-1955 were living at 116, Marsham Road in Moseley, Birmingham. They produced at least two children, Linda and Monica, in the 1940s. Gladys died aged "90" in 2000 [Death Index: (13 Oc 1909) Lichfield 7321 Reg. No. 64C Entry 93, 2000 (January)].