William John (2) Woodhurst

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Brief biography

William John (2) Woodhurst was born in 1900 to parents Ernest William (Taylor) Woodhurst and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Neal. His birth certificate [Birth Index: Hackney 1b 524, 1900 (Sept)] states that he was born on July 18th 1900 at his parents' address 15, West Side in London Fields, Hackney. His father was a general labourer and his mother was the informant.

The 1901 Census finds him living with his parents at 30, Trederwen Road in Hackney.

He was admitted to St. Paul's School in Hackney on August 24th 1903, the register giving his date of birth as (incorrectly) July 8th 1900 and his address as 1, Ivydene (Road, Hackney) [LMA: LCC/EO/DIV04/STPAU/AD/009].

In 1920 he witnessed the marriage of his brother Ernest Henry.

He married Nellie Florence Hutchinson in 1931. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Barnet 3a 1216, 1931 (Dec)] states that they married by licence at Barnet Register Office on December 12th 1931. He is described as a bachelor and cable jointer aged 31 residing at 19, Balfour Grove in Friern Barnet, and she as a spinster aged 22 residing at 50, Oakleigh Crescent in Friern Barnet. His father was occupied as a cable foreman and hers, John Hutchinson, as a builder. The witnesses were F. Hutchinson, presumably a relative of Nellie, and his brother Harry (4) and Ernest Henry's wife Violet Harriet.

Nellie Florence was born on November 15th 1909 in Barnet [Birth Index: Barnet 3a 431, 1909 (Dec)].

William John (2) died around early 1972 [Death Index: Enfield 5b 631, 1972 (March)], and his widow Nellie Florence died around early 1974 [Death Index: Barnet 5a 270, 1974 (March)].

His child by Nellie Florence Hutchinson

  1. Jean V. Woodhurst [Birth Index: Barnet 3a 847, 1932 (Sept)]