William Richard Woodhurst

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Brief biography

William Richard Woodhurst was born in 1888 to parents Richard William (3) Woodhurst and his second wife Jane Ann (nee Stanford) Wright. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: W. Ham 4a 279, 1888 (June)].

He died aged 2 in 1890. His death certificate [Death Index: Hackney 1b 354, 1890 (Dec)] names him simply as William and states that he died on October 8th 1890 in Hackney's fever hospital. He is described as the son of a carman Richard Woodhurst of 8, Clark's Terrace, Glyn Road in Lower Clapton. The cause of death was certified as "Scarlet Fever 1 month, Acute Nephritis 5 days" and the informant was the acting steward R. Frogley at the Eastern Hospital in Homerton (perhaps being the afore-mentioned fever hospital).

Nothing more is currently known of him.